5 Software to Make Difference in Your Security Agency Management System

The Security Agency industry provides the private security services and plays a important role in supporting role enforcement agencies to maintain safety and security in Singapore.

In Singapore More 600 Security service, 240 Security Agency, 47000 total workforce. And they are providing service Industrial,Condo,Commercial, Institute, Government office etc.

Instead of that all security agency similarly doing the same work pattern, Like Incident Management Report,Automated Visitor Management System,Mobile distress software, Invoicing Management System, Scheduling. Some of the Security Agency Management System still they not update the system, They doing all the work on manual, so it take time and wasting money and man power.

Incident Management Report

Asiatact makes it easy for your team to search out info, perform their tasks, and share results. Analyse, track, manage and report on incident-related information including accidents and close to misses involving workers, the community and also the setting.

With everything in one system that works across your devices, you gain complete visibility into your whole team - all from an easy‐to‐use incident management software built for the approach people work these days.

Automated Visitor Management System

Security has become a matter of predominant concern each trendy organization these days. visitor Management is one among the very important side of security management. although it seems to be an awfully a very operation, obtaining uniformity all told the policies at associate enterprise level may be a complicated job.


Asiatact Automated visitor management refers to tracking the usage of a public building or website. By gathering increasing amounts of information, a visitor management system will record the usage of the facilities by specific guests and supply documentation of visitor's whereabouts.

Invoice Software


The Invoice or billing Software in Singapore companies Solution is such a framework, To the point that can join every one of the elements of a business, for example, stock Management, Billing software, Warehouse administration System, Manufacturing Software, Distribution software, receipt following, Recurring billing software, bookkeeping, Deals module, Generation arranging, Purchase Billing software, fund, HR, production network Administration, Coordinations programming, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and so forth on to a solitary system.

Scheduling software

Asiatact scheduling software is in many ways an online web-based manpower resource management tool for organizations to manage their team of worker personnel in a good manner.


In most cases, several corporations in Singapore have to be compelled to trot out the challenges of coordinative groups of employees, officers engaged in on-site shift work on a various client location. In addition, careful planning and allocation of shifts have to be carried out to make sure that your purchasers get pleasure from the specified Officer Coverage while not you facing a scenario of overstaffing or force shortage.

Mobile distress software

Asiatact is one of the leading Mobile, GPS tracker device and vehicle tracking software development corporations located in Singapore. QEYSECURE

Asiatact, we have a tendency to perceive our clients' wants and develop software to fulfill their specific needs. Our credibleness, commitment, and capability to develop, optimize and host web applications remotely square measure tested by our custom internet application package and mobile apps that enable purchasers to access information from anyplace, any-time, using any device.

We are proud to mention that, our Mobile, GPS Tracking app and therefore the vehicle tracking ERP software is one of the leading product of its kind within the world. By using this Software in your pitch, you can demonstrate your expertise with security industries and personalize your demo to show prospective clients exactly what they're missing.

"Take Your Security Agency Management System to the Next Level"