Advanced Technology For Surveillance Cameras in China

Facial Recognition Cameras

China recently developed a new technology of facial recognition cameras with the help of AI-powered CCTV cameras.

These surveillance cameras can automatically identify a person. They can also recognize the gender, and type and color of the clothing of a person. Some Chinese companies are working with the government to build a database to recognize citizens within seconds by using data such as name and age. The Chinese government has fixed ten million surveillance cameras in public areas.

Key Takeaways :

1. Sweeping counter-terrorism measures in China’s Xinjiang ‘creating huge police state

2. The integration of mass surveillance and new digital technologies is unnerving

3. Shenzhen police can now identify drivers using facial recognition surveillance cameras

facial security camera - asiatact

“It is impossible for people, especially the younger generations, to live without electronics,” he told a roomful of police listening on at the Beijing event. Therefore, suspects trying to escape, “can never get away”.