Asiatact's Remote Gate Guards with Automatic License Plate Recognition

Asiatact Remote Gate Guards - cloud Based Storage visitor Details

Asiatact’s Remote Gate Guard with Automatic License Plate Recognition

Asiatact’s Remote Gate Guard with automatic license plate reader & recognition accelerates entry and easily verifies visitors at gated community entrances.

Our security system camera captures images of license plates of all vehicles passing the visitor or resident lane. Using our RGG recognition system, the image of license plate number is converted into analog format and stored in the data base. In the meantime, it approves the entry of vehicles into the community entrance. If a vehicle has already entered the community in the past, the license plate is recognized as verified and the gate will open automatically at any time. 

The Residents can use our web portal or our application in Android / IOS, Qeysecure( RGG ) visitor, permanent resident and delivery also allowed into the condo or commercial office.

RGG License Plate Reader can registering a visitor vehicle once and automatically recognized at the gate. Our Technology is for reducing the stacking and waiting time in community entrance,it can keep the details of visitor at database in secure. 

If some of the case is not automatically recognized the vehicle number, Security Gate Guards will verified manually asking to his / her name and purpose of visiting. Then the security officer call to resident unit verify they looking guest or delivery and then they grant or deny to entry to gate.

The RGG Automatic License Plate Reader can also be used in combination with the security guard system called Guard Module Software with Asiatact Support. Guard Module Software allows communities with onsite guards to verify visitors using Asiatact Next Generation Software.

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