Condo in Singapore | Our Client's Story About Trespasser

Remote Gate Guard use Condo Save Money & Time

Condo in Singapore | Our Client's Story about Trespassers?

New Security Agency took over our condo in 2016 when they were facing many security challenges and responsibilities. In the beginning, there were no physical barriers to keep trespassers from entering the community.

Condo with Remote Gate Guard

Not only were residents dealing with the nuisance of trespassers at all hours, but crime occasionally troubled the community. In several instances, local authorities had to be called in for assistance. If these problems were left unsolved, the community could have lost residents, and crime could have become more extensive.

Solutions Explored:

# Live manned gate guards — At one time, this complex did use an onsite guard to monitor he complex. Some of the guards were ineffective and unreliable. Security Guards are a more expense for the condo or commercial.

# Asiatact Remote Gate Guard System Technology — A new type of technology the condo had not tested.

# Telephone Entry Box — The condo has tried this before, but they were opened up to codes being shared, and it wasn’t effective.

# This condo could employ a Remote Gate Guard System as well a Active Video Surveillance at facility. Our technology would be at a lowest cost than the security guards, and Remote Gate Guards would not be dispirit.

Community Decision:

Ultimately, the community entrance went with these suggested solutions form Asiatact System:

# 1) Asiatact system Remote Gate Guard at the main Entrance.

# 2) Access Control for Resident Vehicles

# 3) Access Control for the Fitness center

# 4) Active Video Surveillance for the Pool side and Clubhouse Area.

pool area camera asiatact

In condo Pool side area is more important to checking the cctv camera Asiatact System Remote Gate Guard was put in place to monitor visitor entering the community. This is expected to deter trespassers, and only allow the entry of approved visitors. Using the video camera accompanying the Remote Gate Guard, the community has the capability of accessing details should problems with a visitor or near the entrance ever occur.

This includes an overall of vehicles entering the community as well as license plates.

The Access Control systems give access only to residents in certain areas of the community. First, at the main entrance, residents are able to enter through the resident lane with a windshield credential that cannot be shared. Then at the fitness center, a credential allows the residents to open the door only at times specified by management.

The Active Video Surveillance system proactively protects the pool and clubhouse area after it is closed. That means, if anyone enters the area after hours, the Asiatact System Remote Gate Guard virtual guards will be alerted in real time. A licensed guard at Asiatact System Remote Gate Guard central station has the capabilities to see who is there, and voice down to ask them to leave.

Security Guards at Gate Entrance — Use RGG save Time and Cost The guard can contact authorities if trespassers ignore the guard’s requests. During the day, the system passively records activity, and if an incident occurs, the video can be pulled for the manager by Asiatact System Remote Gate Guard.

Conclusion : 

Easy to use our Asiatact Remote Gate Guard, and safe the time in front of gate guards and plus the system secure your details and resident records in the database.

Talking with RGG system your details will secure at our database.

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