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Malware issuse

Some of the websites are have Malware Problem,how come the problem occur to the websites, maybe some of the websites are illegal to Google term and conditions.

The motivation behind these [wiper] attacks may be political, aimed at generating publicity, or it can also be pure and simple artifact destruction with the intention of preventing a forensics investigation.

Key Takeaways : 

1) Rapid response is predicated on knowing what to do, and that's where CSIRPs come into play.


2)  Most businesses have continuity plans for challenging situations—physical and digital.


3) Ventura emphasizes the importance of reducing a company's attack surface by keeping all software up to date.

 4) One of the most important aspects of damage mitigation is network segregation, which is neither simple nor easy to accomplish; Ventura may have a solution though: "Intent-based networks can make this task [network segregation] much easier and quicker. 

"Small businesses are reeling from an increase in cyber crime", but a hacked website can have even greater consequences if Google lists you as "infected."

Read more Details : https://www.techrepublic.com/article/5-steps-to-mitigating-wiper-malware/