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Secure your Business 

In 2017 the biggest cyber threats fined in India, by the report of security software company symantec.And most of cyber attack are done by small and medium enterprise (SME).So its most secure your business web amplification by done with Asiatact software security.

While there is a common myth that cyber attackers are more interested in going after the big fish, a survey by Verizon says that 58% of all cyber attacks are targeted towards SMEs. 

Key Takeaways : 

1) It is essential to define a governance framework for your company's information systems 

2) Network security entails managing access to your company's cyber network and preventing entry of unauthorised persons. 

3) Hardening, in computing, translates into securing a system by limiting its surface of vulnerability; the more functions a system performs the more open it becomes and therefore, more vulnerable to possible attacks. 

4) Maintaining log reviews are essential to detect suspicious activities at the earliest. Enable adequate log in and ensure log reviews are done on a regular basis. 


5) While having a strong password is the first step to secure your data; however, passwords will not be of any help in case of a key logging attack .

"Enabling a two-factor authentication helps in mitigating this risk to maximum extent possible," It is a must for ensuring the safety of a company's critical systems and applications. 


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