How Asiatact support your guard tour patrol System

Guard Tours Patrols    

Now days security is playing most important role in Singapore, In that Guard Tour system plays a critical role in managing your security guards patrol operation. In fields where security patrols are an important part of the operations for examples mining, industrial manufacturing, telecommunications, and security services for residential housing. The personnel assigned to this must task complete their duties on time and at the correct locations.

How to work Guard Tours Patrols?

Asiatact Guard Tour Patrol System

Asiatact guard tour product is a system designed to provide an efficient and effective management of your security guards patrolling activities. Asiatact provides 100% accountability that a guard is carrying out their patrolling duties correctly. 

With a simple non-contact swipe, Asiatact guard tour reader records the time/date/location that the guard visited each area on the site. Incidents witnessed can also be entered on route. The patrol reader is then downloaded whenever a report is needed (Every day/week/month etc) and reports can be generated on the guards patrolling activities.

Benefits :

1. Commercial, durable products with high quality and advanced technology 

2. Easy to operating system

3. Low battery consumption, long life span 

4. Intelligent guard tour system make guard tour job more efficient and accurate 

5. Ideal for applications in many areas 

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