How Asiatact Visitor Management System Help to Reduce Security Guard works

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How Asiatact visitor management system helps to Reduce security Guard works ?

Most business or commercial places provide and use a note or paper visitor book. However, it is far better to begin using an effective digital visitor tracking system to provide exact lists or information of persons such as name, purpose, and contact number, who are going in and out of the building.

There are many options on the market that are expensive and for enterprise, and other solutions that offer free basic Free vms features but are more affordable. 

Our visitor management systems provide effective and fast results other than simply providing records of employee and visitors’ departures and arrivals. Moreover, this system management for working environment can offer your facility, condo,organization or business a much higher level of safety and security than ever, than using a log book.


How Asiatact VMS work?

Our Visitor Management System application is very easy to install which allow employees and visitors to quickly register their departure and arrival on the building or condo. Another feature of the system is that it can easily print photo ID badges of your visitors and their Data stored in cloud, its safety. Since the system can photograph your visitor, it can also keep the photographic records of every visitors going to your campus or building premises. 

In this way, you can use it in case of emergency. Security guard is something that every individual should be aware of. Whether you are the manager or the owner of an organization or working environment, you are the one who is in charge of the security of those people who are going in and out of your building. 

So, keeping your visitors and employees secured is very important for the good impression of your company as well. There are many visitor management systems you can choose from so choosing the best one is very important. Remember, the security of your visitors and yours as well will lead to the success of your working environment.

Free VMS Features

#1) Set-up in minutes

#2) Blacklist

#3) White list

#4) Cloud Storage

#5) Visitors Log

#6) DEVICES Android & IOS

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Conclusion :

It’s very easy to get setup with our VMS. It takes about five minutes on average, especially if you already have an android or ios.

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