How Can a Gated Community Reduce Wait Times at the Entrance

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How Can a Gated Community Reduce Wait Times at the Entrance?

Long waiting time at community entrance gate is a common problem faced by all residents, property owners, office workers, and visitors.
The reason for above problem as stated by many people is stacking or buildup of vehicles at community entrance gates. Before the community conversation about the options to reduce waiting time at the entrance, it is more important to determine the issues, for which there can be several explanations.

key takeaways :

1) Guard House System — RGG

2) Automatic license reader system — RGG

3) Qeysecure : Security Agency Management System

"Allowing permanent and pre-registered visitors to have automatic entry expedites the entire transaction process and is easier for the guests, residents, and property managers at the community".

1) Guard House System — RGG

They first, start telephone entry system is a common offender for stacking. Example one driver Community with this can create the long time up of vehicles at a Guard House or Community, especially during the peak time.

Guard House System

Once a community determines the main cause or causes of stacking, then the options for expediting the process can be examined. The most efficient method to decrease stacking at a community is to incorporate a form of automation at the entrance. The two — main types of automation are license plate recognition and driver’s license or FIN number recognition. Both allow permanent and pre-registered visitors (Visitor Management System | VMS)to fast gain access to a community after immediate authentication.

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Automatic license reader system — RGG

Automatic license plate recognition verifies visitors at a gated community when a license plate is associated with a registered visitor. When an image of the license plate is captured, the plate is cross-referenced with the database of approved vehicles, and the gate opens for permitted guests.Automatic license reader system

Not only does this expedite wait times, but it easily verifies repeat visitors with a high capture of vehicle information to keep the community secure. If a vehicle’s license plate is not recognized, the driver can speak with a Remote Guard or Gate Guard, depending on what the community uses.