How Can QeySecure Software be used for Security Guards

Qeysecure - Software for Security Guard

How can Qeysecure Software be used for Security Guards?

Asiatact-Qeysecure security guard software

Our Asiatact-Qeysecure security guard software is mainly used as online web and cloud-based manpower resource management tool for organizations to manage their team of security guard personnel in an effective manner. In most cases, many security agency companies have to deal with the challenges of coordinating teams of security guard officers engaged in on-site shift work at various client locations.

In addition, careful planning and allocation of shifts has to be carried out to ensure that your clients enjoy the required security coverage without you facing a situation of over staffing or manpower shortage.

Eliminate Scheduling Headaches Forever

With the Security guard scheduling software serving as an integrated natural extension to your business operations, it equip you with the capabilities to efficiently automate and centralize the management of your limited manpower resources.

Identify and respond to incidents and threats with QeySecure Command Center software

Today, Command Center Operations are an integral a part of any company. QeySecure can assist in improving or initiating your command center. A command center allows a corporation to perform as designed, to perform everyday operations regardless of what’s happening around it, in an exceedingly manner during which nobody realizes it’s there, however, everybody is aware of who is in charge once there’s trouble.

QeySecure Instant Assistance

QeySecure mobile distress signalling application allows security personnel, employees to quickly and discreetly notify the Command & Control Center, first responders, and predefined contacts in case of an emergency.

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