How Security Management System help to Building Management System

Key to Access Control - Asiatact

I think it is accepted by all of us that technology rules every sector in the world and we cannot live without it. It is especially used by Building Management System (BMS) for Security Management System.

BMS is a solution that provides a single point of control and monitoring for a building. Its smart automation for monitoring various sensors makes the building safer and secure. It also enables both control and monitoring of the electrical assets to improve building operations, which essentially transforms a building into a Smart Building.

Key Takeaways :

# 1 . Interoperability

# 2 . Data visualization

# 3 . Analytics

# 4 . Changes to the supplier base

# 5 . Qeysecurekey control asiatact 

"Effectively collaborate to leverage the true capability of full building integration is an issue that is unlikely to be resolved in the next five years".

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