How Visitor Management System to a complete Security Agency Management System

Asiatact VMS will help your Business growth

Security agency Management System

Some of the research, most of people are choose condominium to Living, Because the condo Management Provide security Guards to stop trespassing and more safety of resident.

Important part of Condominium Contractor checking, Resident need, Maintenance, Isolate Fire Alarm, and Lift padding, etc also goes towards Security Guards. Here there are some of the features about Security guards, which keep worry us:

1.It is easy for troublemakers to enter the condo by writing false information in the manual visitor register book. 

2.Some of the Security guard is more lazy to do work, less skilled, transitional workforce, whose effectiveness needs to be closely monitored. 

3.There is no way to optimize the number of Security Guards as reports on visitor/staff entry are unavailable now. 

4.Sitting in office, or traveling, Residents want visibility into visitors coming to their Condominium.

Visitor Management Systems in Condominium

Typical Visitor Management System in Condominium has these salient features:

At the Condominium Security Gate Guard:

1.Enables digital capture of data at the security gate or Entrance. 

2. Security related intelligence, reports, notifications become available. 

3. Enables visibility into effectiveness your security guards, whether processes are being followed and helps in optimizing the number of security guards Let’s take the major loopholes in a manual visitor management system and see how a visitor management system provides a more effective solution.

Visitor Management compared to Manual System:

1.Whereas in manual registers, entry is often in illegible handwriting, in digital entry this problem is gotten rid of.

2.The practice of visitors entering wrong phone numbers and entering gets removed as visitor management systems have the ability to authenticate the phone numbers.

3.It’s not possible to enter a wrong condo unit number and enter condo no as the residents of the unit owner are immediately notified.

4.Whereas data in manual registers are easy to misuse, visitor information in vms are protected and cannot be accessed by everyone. 

5.Multiple registers get replaced by one Tablet or computer which can be used for entry of all types of visitors. Even data on Maintenance, renovation, contractor details other inventory can also be entered here. 

6.Audit of data is easy, as all visitor, staff check in/out data is readily available to management committee and managers.

 7.Easy to view Visitor Reports and dashboards also make it easy to audit security processes or Resident. 

8.Optimizing number of security guards is easy by viewing visitor trends. 

9.The Resident too get visibility into visitor management system,if unwanted check-ins happen, pre-enter expected visitors, check attendance of cooks, maids, etc. 

10.Security guards often keep changing. Knowledge transfer to new security guards is easy as they do not have to be taught the use of multiple registers. Also, transition to a new security agency, if required, can be done very easily. User friendly for all kind of generation peoples.

How Asiatact visitor management system will helps your Business

1. Visitor management software will quickly improve Condo security and resident, employee safety. 

2. Increase revenue by using a good system will save you money. 

3. Visitor management software increases efficiency. 

4. Visibility and accountability. 

5. It will full fill customer satisfaction, professionalism, and staff moral. 

6. Visitors can be pre-registered through online web or mobile application. 

7. Flexibility and the ability to grow with your business. 

8. Immediately pre-print Visitor Pass Software. 

9. Immediate alerts and notifications to host.