Know Who Comes To Your Place Use Our QeyVMS Software

QeyVMS Asiatact Cloud Based Storage Visitor Details

Know who comes to your place Use QeyVMS

Protection of your team and property are as important as visitor details and knowing who is at your site. How does our visitor notifications alert your employees when their visitors arrive? Asiatact QeyVMS sends notifications to help you make sure that no one cracks through the slip. QeyVMS enhances the safety and security of your facility while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Your staff will be notified if visitors pass or fail specific questions and all the data, along with signatures, will be stored in our secured cloud for future retrieval. 

Use Most Advance notification in your company :

Notify your team about unattended visitors 

In your host field is optional, visitor can sign in without selecting a host. In this case, its useful to let anyone know they need some assistance so they are not waiting in the entrance. 

Your following contact will get a notification at anytime a Guest or Visitor sign in without selecting the host. Then, you can add assign multiple fallback contacts, which means multiple people can stay in the know Enable fallback notifications.

Know more about incoming deliveries using QeyVMS: 

# Asiatact Qeyvms makes it easy to create a complete work details around incoming mail and packages. 

Activate delivery contact notifications: 

# This feature lets you designate a member of your team as the delivery contact. It also adds a “Delivery” button to the Visitors.

# When the mail or delivery carrier arrives, they’ll click the button and your delivery contact will be notified. 

How to Block unauthorized visitors with blacklist 

# Available on Visitors plan 

# The blacklist prevents unauthorized visitors from completing the sign-in process.

# When someone attempts to sign in, a special contact gets notified if their visitor details match your blacklist. 

# The visitor’s badge will not print and their host will not be notified unless your blacklist contact approves their access.

Add blacklist keywords: 

# Add names, contact details, and more. 

# Asiatact QeyVMS helps the team see who added which keywords and why. 

Assign blacklist contacts: 

# Choose one or more administrator to receive blacklist notifications. 

# We hope you’ve found this helpful! Stay tuned for more tips coming soon.

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