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The information security world is constantly evolving, there are many security software application provide like free or payable, In below we provide the some of the software application for pc for your reference.

We all know that the data security world is continually evolving, creating it progressively important to stay up with the newest threat, breach, or vulnerability which will be exposing risk to your organization.

Key Takeaways : 

1) Brian Krebs is an investigative journalist and reporter whose focus is focusing on cybercrime and other major data breaches and hacks.


2) Wombat Security Technologies provides security awareness and training solutions to organizations who want to improve their employee awareness security.


3) Errata Security is a blog run by Robert Graham and David Maynor, two security researchers with decades of experience.

4) Kaspersky Labs’ Threatpost is a publication that provides daily articles, podcasts, and videos on all things security.


"It be secure your computer from virus or threat."

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