Lone Worker Software System

Real Time Lone Worker Safety Monitoring - Asiatact

Lone Worker Software Systems

Do security guards work under safe conditions on the customer end? How can a security company easily monitor and ensure the safety of security guards? Asiatact Lone Work software can guide your company to monitor security guards and officers.

Our application software combines the latest technology and real time location system, so that you can easily view security guards from your place.

This application that allows you to keep track of your loan workers. Asiatact works on all smart phones and mobiles, and from the most stretched out scope of individual cautions and authority solitary specialist gadgets. 

key takeaways :

1) Lone worker tracking system
2) Lone worker alarms
3) Report history
4) Incident commander dashboard

"Get a live view of a facility floor map right on your laptop, tablet, or phone, and easily look up employees by name, job type, or location".