Microsoft's AI translator Matches Human Performance

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Translator Matches Human Performance

In this Generation  scope of AI is increasing all the time. From Google and IBM to the recent net furore over Ili, a translation technology is advancing and increasing exponentially. Machines and translation are cooperating for a few time currently and this partnership can still develop and come in the long run. who is aware of wherever the technology can take us in ten years? For the nonce although, it’s important that we have a tendency to keep the translator on top of things. 

Key Takeaways :

1) Is one of the most biggest software and hardware company in world called Microsoft. Long back age some of the reason their market is down.  

2) But now the Microsoft coming back to their positions, now they done the project of AI translator language to English to Chinese language to AI Voice translators.

3) They design the new from from Chinese to English with the same quality and accuracy as a human. 

"To reach the human parity milestone, researchers worked added a number of other training methods that would make the system more fluent and accurate".

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