Security and Cyber White Paper Define the Five Trends and Technologies

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Security and Momentum Cyber have published a new white paper entitled “E is for Efficiency”. This article discusses the five key security trends and technologies. They will significantly decrease the effect of the cyber security skills shortage by increasing efficiency of business-based security programs.

All the above factors are important as our customers and partners have to tackle challenges created by trends such as digital transformation and security technology. Cyber security and technology can also improve productivity. How can enterprises protect their assets and employees without hindering office experience?

Key Takeaways :

1. Machine Learning

2. Platform Consolidation

3. Security Integration

4. Automation and Orchestration

5. Continuous Security Validation

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"By automating manual tasks, they also relieve enterprises and service providers from the requirement of continually hiring more security professionals to manage an ever-growing infrastructure, thus curbing or even eliminating the impact of the cyber security skills shortage".