Security Officer Facing Problem in Field

Security Guard Officer

What are the Problems A Security Officer facing in Singapore?

Many Singaporeans do not know or care much about the 150,000 Singaporean and Permanent Resident full time employees who earned below the S$1,000-line in 2012. The plight of these groups of low wage workers was further highlighted when National Wage Council (NWC) announcement of a minimum monthly increment of S$60 guideline was met with protests from employers and their clients.

Income growth for this group of low wage workers has substantially lagged behind the rest of the nation’s workforce and being at the lowest rung of society, and they are unable to effectively fend for themselves when it comes to wage increment and other employment benefits.

Key Takeaways :

1. Low Barriers To Entry

2. Regulatory Framework Results In Irresponsible Behavior

3. Overhyped Supply That’s Not Quenching Actual Demand

4. Low Wages Leading to Job Hopping

5. Property Owners with High Value Assets Insist on Dirt Cheap Security Contracts

"Now that you have gotten a grim glimpse of their much hidden world, it helps to just give a smile of appreciation the next time you walk past the Security Officer in your building".

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