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Contactless Temperature Screening 

Facial Recognition temperature screening system is designed to replace manual time-consuming and manpower-intensive temperature screening process. The system captures and recognizes a human face, measures body temperature, and automates the door access control system.

  • Temperature Screening

  • Access Control

  • AI Facial Recognition

  • Intercom

  • Mobile App

  • Remote Management

Automated Disinfection System 

The disinfection channel is used for disinfection of body, pet, goods and other objects in public space entrance when emergency public health events occur, Its Simple, safe to use. The Equipment uses the food-grade disinfectant to ensure personal safety; automatic liquid feeding, realtime display of running state, automatic reaction of entry and exit objects, fog quantity and spray time can be adjusted.

  • Temperature Screening

  • Fully Automated

  • Easy Implementation

  • Fog Control

  • Multi-Purpose

  • Safe Chemical

About Company
About Company

Visitor Management 

Using QwyVMS is the easiest, most reliable way to modernize your office reception. Visitors sign in on the Tablet, so it’s simple to access their details from the cloud at anytime.

  • Unlimited visitors

  • Automatically notify hosts

  • Signed Agreements

  • Manage from the Web

  • Multiple locations

  • Smart Pre-registrations

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