QeyFace Features 


AI Facial Recognition

The latest optical technology and AI facial recognition algorithm accurately distinguish the faces of users. It perfectly blocks spoofing and grant access to authorized users less then second

Temperature Screening

The QeyFace Temperature Screening Solution uses advanced thermal imaging technology for a safe, efficient and non-intrusive way to protect your employees and visitors.Measurement accuracy within +- 0.3 °C

Mobile Video Intercom

The stylish touchscreen intercom terminals, with high resolution imagery, allow for calling to a virtually unlimited number of entrance and monitor stations within our integrated IP communication system.

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Door Access Control

QeyFace access control system can be used both as a standalone system and as an integrated with the access control system through different communication interfaces like TCP/IP, Wiegand

QRCode Access

QR Code access control comes with a secured and Time limited QR code attribute that increases security by restricting unauthorized entry to your premise. The Visitor will have to scan the limited QR Code that he/she has been provided with to enter the premise.

Resident / Employee Mobile app

Manage your residents and employee from any where any time. Invite and manage visitors from palm of your hand.

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More possibilities 

QeyFace's facial recognition device can be utilized for various purposes.

  • Visitor Temperature Screening

  • Multi Location Access Control

  • Automated Visitor Management

  • Direct Call to your Mobile / Landline

  • Employee Attendance 

  • Remote Management


Keep your Employees & Visitors Safe

How QeyFace Can help

 Safely screen employees and visitors for high temperature as they walk into a building or a defined area. The system can prevent people from entering if the pre-defined temperature threshold is exceeded or are not wearing a mask and trigger an alarm. 

  • Provides fast and accurate body-temperature measurement

  • Detects if a protective mask is being worn

  • Users can be denied door or system access if a high temperature or no mask is detected

  • Embedded face & palm recognition provides 100% hands-free hygienic user authentication for various applications

  • Built-in facial recognition records personnel safety log and verifies records.

Why QeyFace System?


It takes barely .3 second to recognize your face and create an attendance journal in the payroll system, saving precious man-hours.


Automatically scans multiple visitors/employees, with 99.8% accuracy in face detection. Faces once recognized are accurately enrolled into the payroll system.

Optimize Resource

Makes data available in real-time and synchronizes the data without a time-lag. This real-time monitoring helps to optimize workforce and other resources

Increased Productivity

Saving time will lead to an increase in productivity, resulting in reduction of cost (optimal utilization of resources) and an increase in revenue.

Well Integrated

Readymade integration with QeyBox HR Payroll and Webhook for External system intergration. Our System required less effort as well, unlike other time marking systems that require efforts to develop integration components.


Integrated with systems like loT sensors, it cannot be scammed easily. Our System can works offline too, useful in locations without Internet access

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